Activities Tracked

We love tracking

You have a list but sometimes you just want someone to remind you when it is time to do something. This service gives you just that.  Full on project plan tracking or just monthly updates.  You choose how much and how often.


What do you want us track.  These could be projects, tasks lists, a single event or even your follow up call to customers.


Why are you tracking.  Do you need us to tell you when something is late or let you know how much left you have to do.


You might only want to be updated once a month or your business needs you be updated daily.


A list with updates when you want them with the detail you need


Our pricing does depend on what you want so we tailor it to your needs. Here are some prices to give you an idea

Simple Lists

Most popular

Simple Activity Lists with start and finish dates with resources

from £ 50 / hr.

  • For example
  • Event Task List
  • To Do List
  • Holiday Planning

Complex Lists

Most popular

Lists with that you add to with new items with start and finish dates

from £ 60 / hr.

  • For example
  • Customer tracking
  • RAID Logs
  • Lessons Learned Log

Small Projects

Most popular

Projects updates with resource and financial information

from £ 70 / hr.

  • For example
  • Website Set Up
  • Marketing project
  • Small building project

Large Projects

Most popular

Multiple workstreams for projects with resource and financial tracking

from £ 80 / hr.

  • For Example
  • Large Building Projects
  • Transformation Projects
  • Programmes