Quality Assured

We like reading

Having read the document lots of times you just want another person to check it over with a fresh pair of eyes.  We don’t change your document, we just point out what we think needs looking at.


What would you like to review? It could be a business, project plan, requirements or the progress of a plan


Why do you need this?  Is it to get an update, a final review before submitting it or simply as a quality check for yourself


Do you want a single review or a review for every version until submission.


The document marked up with comments for your information.


Our pricing does depend on what you want so we tailor it to your needs. Here are some prices to give you an idea per document


Most popular

from £500 

  • For example
  • Highlight Report
  • Simple Project Plan
  • Stakeholder Matrix


Most popular

from £ 1000

  • For example
  • Business Case
  • Project Initiation
  • Project Registers


Most popular

from £ 2000

  • For example
  • Bid / Tender Documents
  • Programme Documents
  • Process Maps


Most popular

from £ 2000 

  • For example
  • Requirements
  • Financial Reports
  • Options Appraisals